What’s Your Skin Type?

Your customization experience is based on your skin type. All elements of the customization process have been specially curated to ensure maximum compatibility with your skin type. If you have combination skin, please go through the descriptions and identify the characteristics that concern you the most, and select the attributed skin type.

Your skin is oily if you have larger pores, and struggle with blackheads and blemishes. You often have to use blotting papers to control oily patches. You are always concerned about topical products clogging your pores. Non-comedogenic ingredients are a must for you.
Your skin is dehydrated if your skin feels tight and dry throughout the day, irrespective of the season. You feel like your skin lacks a glow. You often experience flaking. Your skin’s elasticity and hydration levels are of a major concern to you.
Your skin is sensitive if you commonly experience redness, and are prone to rashes and bumps. Your skin is temperature sensitive, and will flush when exposed to temperature extremes. You might experience broken capillaries, especially in the nose and cheek regions. Your skin reacts poorly to fragrance and essential oils.
Your skin is balanced if you experience minimal breakouts. Your skin fares well when exposed to new products or changes in the weather. You do not feel chronic tightness in your skin, nor do you feel you struggle with controlling your skin’s oil levels. You generally have firm skin.

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