burning questions, answered...

Can I use the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum with other products?
Yes. The Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum is safe to use along with other products, including retinol. The form of Vitamin C featured in the serum is incredibly gentle and stable making it safe to use alongside harsher products. We recommend using the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum after cleansing and toning, and before applying moisturizer or retinol.
Does the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum serve as a substitute for my moisturizer?
Yes and No. The answer to this question largely depends on assessing your individual skin moisture needs. Skin moisture needs are dictated by various factors— like skin type, environmental conditions, and daily water intake. For example, dryer or more mature skin types will benefit from using both the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum and a moisturizer. In warmer, more humid conditions, oily and balanced skin types might find sufficient hydration levels in their skin from using the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum alone. Be attentive to your skin needs and respond accordingly.
What differentiates the Active Prejuvenation Serum from a typical face oil?
The goal of a typical face oil is to lock in moisture and hydration within the skin. They do not achieve what a serum achieves. A serum delivers a high concentration of multi-correctional active ingredients into the skin. These active ingredients address concerns from environmental stress damage to age-related cellular changes. The Active Prejuvenation Serum has an active ingredient concentration of 17.4 percent. All of our formula configurations, including customized formulas, feature our Prejuvenation Complex.
When will I experience tangible results in my skin from using the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum?
The first few days of using the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum you will be able to notice increased luminosity in your skin. You will realize the efficacy of the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum after six weeks of use. Continuous improvement over time is expected. Of course, your results will be dependent on using the serum twice daily and adhering to the application guidelines. No skincare product can counteract lifestyle offenses. Proper diet, hydration and sun protection will promote and support greater results from the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum.
How long will the 30 mL bottle of the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum last? What about the 5 mL travel-size?
Our 30 mL bottle will last between approximately 12 weeks with twice daily application extending to the neck and décolleté. We have designed our push-dropper dispensing mechanism to only release a small amount of the serum per push. This will minimize product waste as much as possible. The 5 mL bottle will last approximately 14 days with twice daily application extending to the neck and décolleté.
What are the shelf life and storage guidelines of the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum?
We recommend refreshing your supply of the serum nine months after opening. While the bottle has been designed for light protection, store in a cool place to promote freshness.