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Your serum comes in our 30 mL size, A custom ingredient label will be made reflecting all of the ingredients featured in your bottle.
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In the morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing and toning, shake well and dispense an almond-sized amount of the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum into the palm of your hand. Quickly rub your palms together. With both hands, dab, pat and push the serum into the face, neck, and décolleté areas for twenty to thirty seconds.

Correctly applying the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum is imperative to achieving visible results. We know it is tempting, and almost instinctual, to rub the serum into your skin, like you would a moisturizer. Do refrain—it’s worth it.

We recommend keeping the serum away from the waterline of your eyes. While you will feel like the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum has almost instantly absorbed, allow the serum to deeply penetrate for five minutes before layering with other products.

Please visit our ‘Q&A page’ for more information on how to incorporate the Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum into your routine.

Your Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum will be hand-blended in our skin studio right outside of Atlanta. Each ingredient is independently stored in our temperature and humidity controlled skin cellar until the time of order. This guarantees freshness and the highest level of quality control possible. After blending the formula, we hand-fill your sculptural, light impenetrable bottle and allow it to rest in our skin cellar for 72 hours. After the ingredients have melded together, we prepare your stunning, stark-white, eco-friendly Ash&Ez package for shipment. The date your Anhydrous Prejuvenation Serum is blended is recorded by hand on the rear of your serum box.

Provided the intricacy of our process, please allow a four to seven day order processing time. For North American orders, allow a two to five day shipping time to your destination.

We welcome international orders. Our website supports the following currencies: U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and British Pound. International orders will be shipped with DHL or UPS, depending on your location. At checkout, your total will reflect all associated shipping costs, including applicable taxes and customs duties.